The Babushka (2016)

“I don’t remember last night – I was absolutely hammered and sickled.”
– Pyotr Moshennik, The Babushka

The story of Kristoph Levitsky, Jewish bar owner, and his exile to the Jewish Autonomous Region of far Siberia, played at the Varley Theatre Winchester for three sell out nights. It was created with a cast of over 30 actors, and was well reviewed by the Daily Echo Southampton.

Kristoph Levitsky is being kicked out of his Burlesque club. The Premier’s daughter is missing. The country is in chaos. Join one reluctant man’s journey across Soviet Russia aboard the Trans-Siberian Express where he is accompanied only by a mysterious old woman who spends her time knitting, praying and pretending to be a chicken. It’s the journey of a lifetime – just a shame neither of them will be able to enjoy a single minute of it.

This production was created by members of Slipshod Theatre within Peter Symonds College’s resident student theatre company ‘A Company of Fools’ which has produced many successful alumni and rave reviews from local media. The original script was written by Jake Mace, Artistic Director for Slipshod in 2017/18 and former Playwright-In-Residence. It was developed alongside other members of ‘A Company of Fools’, and was co-directed by Puwa Nkomo-Pswarayi, Jake Mace and Oveis Rezazadeh.

Ali Cornforth (far left) as the Conductor and Liv Richardson (centre, fainted) in The Babushka. Both are now creatives working at Slipshod.

Slipshod Theatre emerged during the creation of this piece and is now formed from many of the creatives that were involved in ‘The Babushka’. Liv Richardson (Performer and Technician for Slipshod, 2017-) played the female lead role of Nataliya. Mike Dorey (Co-Artistic Director for Slipshod, 2016-17) portrayed Vladimir Lenin in the piece. Ali Cornforth (Performer, 2017-) also played a train conductor.




Audience Reviews

‘Brilliant performances on Saturday matinee… Music was exceptional throughout. Loved it.’
– Craig