Mike Dorey
Artistic Director 2020-
Mike has performed with Slipshod since it’s conception in 2017. As Boris in The Girl Who Loved Stalin (2017), Mike performed as a lowly Soviet soldier who falls for a girl with very specific requirements. In Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018) he was disgraced Oxbridge Professor Rupert Welham. He also played Yuri Gagarin, the lead role in Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). He now leads the company’s artistic vision into this new decade.

Jake Mace
Artistic Director 2017-19, Managing Director 2019-
Jake has written or co-written all of the shows produced by Slipshod Theatre since he co-founded it in 2017 with Mike and Puwa. He performed as Grigori the dating specialist in The Girl Who Loved Stalin (2017). Later he was Castro in Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). Jake works on marketing campaigns for Slipshod and looks after the Scottish Slipshod outpost.

Madeline Ashman
Musical Director 2018-
Maddie has produced original music for Slipshod’s shows, including a fully original soundtrack for Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018) which she performed live within the show. She also led the musical team for Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019) which included a four piece band playing nostalgic space hits alongside some original underscoring. She will continue to lead the music team into Slipshod’s new productions.

Arthur Fleetham
Technical Director 2018-
Arthur has led the engineering and design behind all of Slipshod’s shows since Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018). He most recently served as the designer for Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). His love of 3-D Printing and mood-matching lighting & sound design him has earned him the role as director of making the things that Mike and Jake don’t understand happen.

Jasper Cresdee-Hyde
Media Director 2018-
Jasper joined the company to perform as Jack Daniels, professor of War Studies in Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018). Later he took on a position dealing with media production at Slipshod, recording performances and producing relevant media for shows and publications including press photos.

Puwa Nkomo-Pswarayi
Founding Member & Performer 2017-
Puwa first performed as the legendary Captain in The Girl Who Loved Stalin (2017). A firm crowd favourite renowned for his legendary laugh, Puwa brings light and fun to every scene on stage. Puwa, Mike and Jake were the three original members of the company who laid out the plans for the shows to come.

Aditi Mohan
Social Media Engagement Manager & Performer 2017-
Aditi also saw her start with Slipshod in The Girl Who Loved Stalin (2017) as the eponymous Valeria. This was followed up with excellent performances as Nurse Anna and Valentina Tereshkova in Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). Aditi also has a hand in shaping the Social Media direction at Slipshod, engaging with audience and press alike.

Ali Cornforth
Performer 2018-
Ali joined Slipshod to perform as Cordelia Bowers and assassin Gavrilo Princip in Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018). Her excellent performance then saw her grappling the roles as both the young and old Elena Gagarina in Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). Ali’s singing was recognised in several reviews of Space Junk and was highlighted throughout the show.

Ronan Goron
Performer 2018-
Ronan first performed as forensics expert Paddy O’Branagh and quick-lipped assassin Nedeljko Cabrinovic in Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018). Renowned for his quick characterisation and madcap accents, Ronan brings a touch of absurdity and humour to the stage.

Jack Etheridge
Performer 2019-
Jack’s first role in a Slipshod production was as Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown and the doomed space pilot Vladimir Komarov in Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). This damn little scene stealer is known for his flamboyant performances both in his singing and acting as well as his intense and humorous characterisation.

Ed Cross
Performer 2019-
Ed joined Slipshod to work as Assistant Musical Director on Space Junk: A Soviet Musical. On his synth keyboard, Ed and Maddie crafted a distinct psychedelic soundtrack to match the music of David Bowie and Elton John that was used as story moments in the show. He also delivered a memorable performance of “Lets Get It On” by Marvin Gaye.

Harry Smith
Performer 2019-
Harry played the memorable Vodka Bottle Man in Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). The character appeared in a rather discordant dream to Yuri Gagarin in his moment of frenzy. He also mashed the keys for Maddie and Ed as a valued member of the band providing backing vocals throughout the show.

Oscar Ginn
Performer 2019-
Oscar came into Slipshod to play Alexey Leonov, close friend of Yuri Gagarin in Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019). As a narrator character, his performance was much enjoyed as the guiding narrative force throughout the show and was both emotive, charming and funny.

Tom Tollyfield
Performer 2019-
Tom joined as the drummer of the band put together by Maddie and Ed for Space Junk: A Soviet Musical (2019) and became the regular participant for the rest of the cast dragging the band into the show. Tom’s deadpan demeanour earned him plaudits.

Former Members

Our former members include Livvie Newman (2017) who now regularly performs stand-up comedy in the Bristol area as well as Aden Craig (2017) who studies theatre design at the University of South Wales. Also among our roster of alumni is Liv Richardson-Frisby (2017-19) who studies history at the University of Plymouth.