Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018)

‘The Archduke of Austria-Hungary is dead. Who is his killer? The task of finding out has been left to four substance-abusing imbeciles, claiming to be Oxford University Professors, who will most likely be beaten by the Daily Mail as they lack the competence to tap phones.’

It’s the story of our times. Or rather, our great-grandparents’ times. Watch this infamous assassination unravel from the perspective of four idiots trying to solve the crime and four idiots who ended up committing it. There’ll be cocaine, magic tricks, the liberation of Ireland, an alcoholic, a constantly suffering suffragette, sickly children, infidelity, kumquats, golf, geopolitical debate and much, much more.

Off the back of Edinburgh Fringe 70 success with ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’, historical satire specialists Slipshod Theatre (Formerly known as Campfire Stories) present their newest creation, ‘Who Killed Franz Ferdinand?’

Intertwining a twisted version of the true events that led to the First World War from the perspective of Ferdinand’s assassins, the haplessly Supervillain-esque origin story of his killer and the fictionalised (but not entirely untrue) tale of four supposed university professors – one a bumbling closeted homosexual, another a woman-hating alcoholic, the next a suffragette who hasn’t done her homework and the final a prominent Irish Republican – who are tasked with solving the mystery which links these narratives together.

With an original soundtrack composed by Madeline Ashman (The Babushka, 2016), an original script written by Jake Mace (The Girl Who Loved Stalin, 2017) and promotion provided by Puwa-Nkomo Pswarayi (The Girl Who Loved Stalin, 2017) this character-led performance packs energetic punches with a vibrant cast, original dialogue and nonstop action. With an extensive set built and unique costumes designed by members of the company, using period materials – Who Killed Franz Ferdinand will debut in 2018.

Slipshod Theatre aim to bring previews of this production to regional theatres in London, Norwich and Winchester before continuing onto Fringe Festival runs.


Jake Mace – Writer, Director & Designer
Madeline Ashman – Musical Director
Puwa Nkomo-Pswarayi – Executive Producer

Ali Cornforth (Oklahoma, Winchester Theatre Royal) – Performer
Mike Dorey (Hamlet, Winchester Theatre Royal) – Performer
Charlie Hall (West Side Story, Winchester Theatre Royal) – Performer
Liv Richardson (The Babushka, Varley Theatre) – Performer