Slipshod creatives Jake, Liv & Mike working with A Company of Fools actors on ‘The Babushka’ (2016).


Slipshod specialises in historical satire. We’ve taken the piss out of Stalin (twice), Hitler, Rasputin, Lenin, Mugabe, Saddam and now we’re coming for Franz Ferdinand – and the whole of the First World War really. Our company focuses on creating imaginative, diverse and compact theatre that we have taken all across the country – from Edinburgh to Southampton. We mash creatively drawn up scripts from resident writers with blends of improvisation and strands of music, dance and performance art.

Last year we spent August on the streets of Edinburgh, putting on a show both on and off the stage. On the Royal Mile, our imitations of Stalin, Mugabe and Saddam Hussein were wildly received with both laughter and contempt. A Polish woman told us she would spit on our graves which was… well, pleasant.

We like to put forward our skewed view on the world and on history – exploring the lives of the famous & infamous in roundabout ways. We’ve mixed Stalin with online dating, Rasputin with Soviet communism and now we’re planning to put together Franz Ferdinand and cocaine (but not real cocaine).

Our performance style is brash, and we take our name from a review of our first Edinburgh show (we were formerly known as Campfire Stories Theatre Co.). Now we’re “Slipshod”, meaning that we’re “characterised by a lack of order”. Which we think is pretty accurate, as our performances are often chaotic and always anarchistic. We’ve received many compliments on our heavy inclusion of audience participation into our shows. Mike was once shoved nearly to his knees by a kind Italian man named Alex, who then proceeded to kiss another cast member on the cheek. We liked Alex. I miss him.

Slipshod has always built our own sets, no matter how big or small, and designed our own costumes. From a full-sized train carriage down to performing with just a glittery curtain (rent is a bitch), we’ve proved as a collective that we’re a very flexible group of performers.


We came together as a group in 2016, following the success of our first show in collaboration with Peter Symonds College’s resident student theatre company ‘A Company of Fools’. Following this, we formed a smaller group with the intention of taking a show we had written to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We applied and were successful in receiving funding from the Athinoula Foundation in Winchester, and with several private investments following from that we were able to take our show to Edinburgh.

Since then, we’ve flourished as a company adding several more creatives to our roster, and plan to continue working on Fringe theatre shows, with the intention of widening our scope to the Brighton Fringe.

Collaborators & Past Members

We’re very proud to have worked with a wide number of people and groups, as well as having a excellent bunch of alumni that have previously been apart of our company.

Previous Collaborators

Past Members

  • Aditi Mohan (2016-17)
  • Livvie Newman (2016-17)