Oleg Olenchenko Packs Up His Things

“In 2014, Eastern Ukraine sits on a knife edge. A troubled young man is forcibly evicted from his home by a soldier claiming to be defending him from fascists. They say all is fair in love and war, but who gets to decide what’s fair anymore?”

Performed at the Brighton Fringe in 2019, Oleg Olenchenko Packs Up His Things was an intricate devised tragicomedy performance that reimagined the catastrophic events at the beginning of the 2014 fighting in Eastern Ukraine. The show details the fictional life of Oleg, a young man as he is forced to leave everything he’s ever known behind.

Writer-performer Jake Mace first travelled to Ukraine in 2017, researching this part of the world that has spent the past three years wrapped up in geopolitics and warfare. He was joined for a repeat visit in 2018 by fellow actor Mike Dorey. Together, the two collated their experiences into a unique live performance.

“The tagline for Slipshod Theatre is, “We’re making history fun again”, and they are set to demonstrate this with their new show, Oleg Olenchenko Packs Up His Things. “

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