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“Not every tale of a woman’s desperate desire to be dominated by a despotic dictator packs such frivolous and jolly punches.”
– Antony Sammeroff, The Outlier Scotland, For ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’ (Uses our previous name – Campfire Stories Theatre Co.) (Full Review)

“Soviet Russia at the time of Stalin’s death forms the basis of Jake Mace’s witty and moving original comic drama.
The story of Kristoph Levitsky’s journey across Russia accompanied by the mysterious Babushka lady, the narrative is intersected by the stories of a number of other characters whose fates, it becomes clear, are all overlapping.
Crisply directed with considerably verve and style, the production was well paced and the scenes nicely choreographed.
The musicians, under the controlled direction of Madeline Ashman, added greatly to the atmosphere and mood of the scenes.
This was an excellently acted piece, with even smaller roles making a very big impression.
At its heart was outstanding work by Theo James who was in commanding form as Kristoph. Olivia Richardson was equally impressive as Nataliya.
– Karen Robson, Daily Echo Southampton Print Edition 11/12/16, for ‘The Babushka’

“Utterly ridiculous, manic, silly and a good laugh – enjoyable!”
– Irstead Theatre

“What the fringe is all about! For those of you who love Stalin or dictators, I recommend you sign up!”
– Leggy Blonde Productions

Audience Reviews

“It was my first Edinburgh Fringe show. I don’t think any other show will be able to be any weirder than this very funny show. Not for those who get easily offended. Expect audience participation that is bound to put you out your comfort zone but nothing that is too uncomfortable. A very fun and wacky show that is guaranteed to entertain with its over-the-top comedy. Robert Mugabe is a wild one.”

– James, for ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’, edfringe.com

“Just saw The Girl Who Loved Stalin. What an hour of fun and silliness that was, you’ll be sad if you miss it. Well done!!!”
– M.T Swann, twitter.com

“Such an energetic cast, and a fun show! Loved you guys.”
– Kara, for ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’, twitter.com

“Danke für eine absurdische geshowenbaum.”
– A German called Richard, for ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’, twitter.com

“Brilliant performances on Saturday matinee. Really strong and warm performance as Kristoph by the lead actor and music was exceptional throughout. Loved it.”
– Craig, for ‘The Babushka’, facebook.com