Puwa Nkomo-Pswarayi

Puwa ft. Air Con in ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’ (2017)


Puwa is a cherished member of Slipshod Theatre. Primarily because throughout the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, he was the only 6ft 6″ Zimbabwean with blond hair on the Royal Mile – which certainly gave us some extra business. Besides his height, he is also a very talented director and performer. He directed both Slipshod’s first and second shows.

He has taken on a role in marketing and PR, as he undertakes a degree at the University of Westminster, and in 2018 will lead the promotional strategy for ‘Who Killed Franz Ferdinand?’.

Puwa also likes Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, Travis Scott and (controversially) pretending to be Robert Mugabe.


  • Co-Artistic Director (2016-17)
  • Performer (2016-)

In-Company Credits

  • Co-Director, ‘The Babushka’ (2016), Varley Theatre Winchester.
  • Co-Director & Performer, ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’ (2017), Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
  • Executive Producer, ‘Who Killed Franz Ferdinand?’ (2018).

Out of Company Work

  • Performer with Discarded Nut Theatre Company.
  • Performer in ‘The Director’ Short film as part of the official selection of the Winchester Short Film Festival 2017.


Primary: [email protected]
Secondary: [email protected]

Photography by Jasper Cresdee-Hyde – https://jasperch.com/