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Space Junk: A Soviet Musical

Our newest show, our first historical musical, is an insight into the life of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

In a world of Instagram influencers, YouTube celebrities and Talent Show megastars, anyone can have their five minutes of fame. But overnight stardom isn’t all just yacht parties, film premieres and selling tooth whitener on Twitter.

Yuri Gagarin was possibly the world’s first sudden celebrity – and it’s about time to tell his story of champagne soirées, sexy nurses, becoming besties with Fidel Castro and tumbling down the star-studded stairs of the dark side of fame. Against a backdrop of classic Bowie space anthems and all new original interstellar hits, Space Junk: A Soviet Musical brings to light how anyone – even an engineer from Smolensk Oblast – can bring themselves to the precipice of fame-fuelled self-destruction.

We’ll be releasing more information in May!

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Oleg Olenchenko Packs Up His Things

In 2014, Eastern Ukraine sits on a knife edge. A troubled university student is forcibly evicted from his home by a soldier claiming to be defending him from fascists. They say all is fair in love and war, but who gets to decide what’s fair anymore?

This brand new original and insightful devised piece tackles one of the most emotive and politically-sensitive issues in the world today.

Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? (2018)

An Archduke assassinated. Europe on a knife edge. Four academic cocaine addicts trying to solve a murder. An idiotic killer. Death cult deception. Sword fights and feminism. Forensics and future queens. Politics and potatoes. Hilarious historical satire.

A show addressing complex historical situations and hard-hitting truths with a tinge of sarcasm and ever-biting wit. This is a journey through the Archduke’s life, unravelling the intense geopolitical dynamics of the Balkans while the main characters are as high as kites and having occasional sword fights.