The Girl Who Loved Stalin (2017)

“I am an enemy of the state, General, lock me up and throw away the key!” – Valeria, The Girl Who Loved Stalin

A rough guide to romancing, wining, dining and wooing a communist dictator – whether they’re the real thing or a curly-haired soldier with a self-esteem problem in a cheap costume. Four stories of unconventional romance in Soviet Russia. From a bawdy housewife to a sex-crazed German soldier, this is a coming of age story about loving your country – maybe a bit too much.

A mixing pot of ideas pulled from a script written a few years ago and some of our company’s own devising techniques & improvisation, ‘The Girl Who Loved Stalin’ ran for 21 shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s 70th Anniversary in 2017, playing at TheSpace @ Jury’s Inn – on the seventh floor of a hotel. It was well received critically and 5 of the performances sold out. The show was previewed in Winchester and was created with the support of the Athinoula Foundation, Peter Symonds College and John Dollin Printers.


Mike Dorey & Puwa Nkomo-Pswarayi – Co-Directors & Performers
Jake Mace – Producer, Playwright & Performer
Aden Craig – Technical Director
Liv Richardson – Co-Technical Director
Livvie Newman – Performer
Aditi Mohan – Performer



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Audience Reviews

“A very fun and wacky show that is guaranteed to entertain with its over-the-top comedy.”
– James

“Hilarious! Very funny! Loved every minute of it and would come back to watch it again!
Well done team!”
– David McIntosh

“Pure genius! This production is what the fringe is all about. Comedy moustaches, great comedy and dictators. What more could you ask for? These guys and girls make a great team and The Girl Who Loved Stalin is one not to miss!”
– Megan Juniper

Photography by Jasper Cresdee-Hyde –