It’s our mission to make history and politics fun again. We’re making kickass shows about the bits of history they don’t bother to teach you in schools.

We start with a “What if?” question. What if online dating had existed in Stalin’s Russia? What if the people charged with solving the murder of Archduke Ferdinand were cocaine addicts? What if a Russian soldier and a Ukrainian student came face to face to argue their point? What if Yuri Gagarin’s life had been a Soviet musical?

And then we use this framing device to build a lens to analyse, understand and ultimately poke fun at the events that built our modern political and cultural landscape.

We started in December 2016 in Winchester, producing our first show The Babushka as part of Peter Symonds College’s drama department. We became our own company and took The Girl Who Loved Stalin to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

From there, we fell in love with Fringe theatre and have become active in the local and national scene – performing at the Edinburgh, Brighton and Camden Fringe festivals as well as locally in Hampshire with our shows Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? and Oleg Olenchenko Packs Up His Things.

For our 2019 season we’ve expanded massively – producing our first musical entitled Space Junk: A Soviet Musical.