Who Killed Franz Ferdinand?

“An Archduke assassinated. Europe on a knife edge. Four academic cocaine addicts trying to solve a murder. An idiotic killer. Death cult deception. Sword fights and feminism. Forensics and future queens. Politics and potatoes. Hilarious historical satire. From the team behind Fringe hit The Girl Who Loved Stalin, a new show addressing complex historical situations and hard-hitting truths with a tinge of sarcasm and ever-biting wit. This is a journey through the Archduke’s life, unravelling the intense geopolitical dynamics of the Balkans while the main characters are as high as kites and having occasional sword fights.”

Performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? presented a brand new outlook on the most poignant political event of the 20th century – the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary which kicked off the First World War. In the immediate wake of the murder, four substance-abusing Oxbridge academics were tasked with finding out the intentions of his killer. It’s just a shame that they’re all cocaine addicts. This the story from their perspective, and also from that of his hapless killers who fumble their way through what should have been a simple murder plot.

A fast-paced, riotous romp through history, Slipshod presented a bombastic performance filled to the brim with hilarious and involved audience participation, raucously fun storytelling and action scenes begging to be transferred to a Hollywood blockbuster.

The show saw Mike Dorey as bumbling Professor Rupert Welham and brutish hitman Trifko Grabez, with Liv Richardson-Frisby as ever-suffering suffragette Emily Thorston PHD and fastidious Bosnian policeman Detective Vila.

Filmmaker Jasper Cresdee Hyde debuted in his first acting role as alcoholic academic Jack Daniels and renowned magician/assassin Danilo Ilic while Youtuber Ronan Goron became Irish forensics expert Paddy O’Branagh and quick-witted wannabe killer Nedeljko Cabrinovic. Finally, Ali Cornforth presented near-silent Secretary Cordelia Bowers and the actual Archduke executioner Gavrilo Princip in this fantastic, original imagining of history’s darkest times.

Yes, this is it. Our final Camden Fringe pick, and it’s a goodie, I reckon, especially for those of you with an interest in history. Or satire. Or theatre. Quite a lot of you, probably.

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